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Faux Paint Stone ColumnPAINT SOLUTIONS

Faux  finishes include: marble, granite, wood, bamboo, stones of all kind, as well as many distressed and "aged" surfaces. In  addition to walls, ceilings are considered to be the "5th wall" in a room. You can see some of the ceiling options in the portfolio section.

Tired of your kitchen cabinets? Many are glazing their white cabinetry. We can apply a soft brown to enhance the decorative trim work and allow them to compliment the new stone materials. Another special touch is to make the island cabinetry look like furniture with darker colors, glazes and finishes. Applying a soft glaze to the walls can make a gorgeous enhancement to finish off your "new" kitchen! I can also design a mural for your wall that is begging for some scenery. Murals can add depth to a room and can create a special  place  for your child by painting their room so that it will delight their imagination! You may also enhance areas on your walls with trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) elements to create a focal point or give it an "Artistic Paint Solution" to a problem area.

Whatever your fancy, by choosing a finish or combination of finishes,  your walls can become an artist's canvas. Allow me to bring your space to life!

Creative possibilities have never been easier.

Paint provides many practical attributes.

  • A painted finish is often referred to as "decorative camouflage".
  • The materials used are environmentally safe and no waste is created.
  • Paint is extremely durable and more repairable than wallpaper.
  • A painted finish can be easily enhanced or transformed completely by adding color or a new technique.
  • Paint is a cost-effective, yet produces dramatic results.

Decorative painting provides the unique opportunity to design a wall treatment that is exactly what you want. Through color and painting techniques, you can add charm and elegance or whimsy and flair to any room in your home.


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